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“How to Get Your Name in the Dictionary” (2018) is a light-hearted look at the lives of the soldiers, inventors, style icons, and villains who gave their names to the English language as eponyms. From atlas to zeppelin English is full of words named for Greek gods, explorers, serious scientists, and crafty chefs. These heroes and heroines, scattered through world history, all did something extraordinary to squeeze their name into the dictionary, and this book celebrates their biographies.

More than 260 eponyms are featured across subjects as diverse as food, Irish history, calendars, hats, inventions, words named after places, Greek gods, military history, politics, astronomy, fashion, popular phrases, villains, science, and a selection of eponyms which simply defy categorisation.

Ideal for word geeks, history lovers, and biography buffs.

Available in paperback from,,, request it from your Irish independent bookshop (great list here), request it from your Irish & UK indie bookshop (search here), or buy at Book Depository.

Available in Kindle ebook on,, etc.

Available in ebook format from Apple Books and Kobo.

Available in your local library – just request the paperback from your librarian. You can also read the digital edition using the overdrive/libby library apps.


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Serialised Books

“Hamster Stew & Other Stories”

“Hamster Stew & Other Stories” is a diary-style comedy serial about the adventures of an Irish mom, Trish McTaggart, struggling with her teenage son, a scary ten year old daughter, and an out of control life which lurches from disaster to chaos. All she wants is a part-time job, more passion with her Scottish husband, and hands-off mother-in-law but life, and her daughter, are conspiring against her dreams. Perhaps the lessons her friend is giving her in “how to say no” will help?

Available on Channillo, the subscription reading platform. First chapter is free here.

“Nit Roast & Other Stories”

“Nit Roast & Other Stories” is a first person, diary-style comedy serial about the adventures of an Irish mom.

Trish McTaggart’s family life is a mess. Her diary holds her worries – an animal-obsessed daughter, a teen son drinking, an absent-minded husband, and a local parent who’s out to get her. Building her new sewing business will be the easy part this year. This is a sequel to “Hamster Stew & Other Stories”.

Available on Channillo, the subscription reading platform. First chapter is free here.

“The Happy Hangover Company”

The Happy Hangover Company, run by best friends Kay and Anna, will cure your hangover, serve you breakfast, and care for your children, but can it survive twin toddlers, mother-in-laws from hell, a commitment-phobic new man, and a golf-club vendetta?

Available to read for free on Wattpad.


More Books Coming Soon

“Words The Sea Gave Us”, my second word history book.

Release due 2020.



“Words The Vikings Gave Us”, my third word history book. Release due 2020/2021.

“Red Sails”, my middle grade adventure book set on the west coast of Ireland, is currently on submission.