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I write in rural Ireland. I specialise in history and a humourous slant thanks to years of reading Wodehouse, Dickens, Pratchett, Brookmyre (see my three serialised novels on Channillo, the reading platform). My fiction and non-fiction has been published internationally and locally in everything from the local paper to anthologies, online media, coffee tins, and glossy magazines. I mentor the Ireland North East region in NaNoWriMo. I’ve been blogging about the history of unusual words since 2009 and have published two books on the topic (“How To Get Your Name In The Dictionary”, “Words The Sea Gave Us”). When I’m not writing, I read compulsively (I’m a top 60 reviewer in Ireland on Goodreads), garden organically, crochet (find me on Ravelry), and hike. There aren’t many crafts I haven’t tried – my house is overflowing with creations.

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  • email – grace at gracetierney dot com
  • twitter – @Wordfoolery

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“Words The Sea Gave Us”, 13 July 2020, 280 pages, ISBN 13 is 978-1-9999776-2-7, £9.99 UK paperback (£2.27 ebook), $15.99 US paperback ($2.85 ebook).

“How To Get Your Name In The Dictionary”, 2018, 366 pages, ISBN 10 – 1999977602, £9.99 UK paperback (£2.27 ebook), $15.99 US paperback ($2.85 ebook).

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While I am happy to guest blog, any text or images  (unless otherwise noted) posted on this blog are copyright Grace Tierney. If you want to reblog, please contact me first for permission.

GDPR – I don’t gather anybody’s name, email, info via this blog. I certainly don’t store it or sell it. The one exception is that I will keep your name if you suggest a word for the blog, or for my word books, so that I can give you a Thank You when I use it.

My posts are my own opinion and are not paid for by any commercial entity. Since October 2018 I’ve included a small handful of affiliate links on books I recommend, particularly my own books, so I can earn a little towards the running costs of this blog. You don’t have to buy through those links, but if you do it would be helpful.

Ways You Can Support This Blog

I blog because I love words. If you find the blog useful, or entertaining, feel free to support Wordfoolery in any of the following ways.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Jean at The Delightful Repast

    Hello Grace,

    It’s been more than a year since I heard of this site from Pam White’s newsletter. Fortunately, I still had that email and found it this morning! Better late than never, as the old saying goes. But now that I’m blogging myself, I certainly hope that other people are not so lax in getting around to having a look!

    I saved it specifically because I do so love wordfoolery, and I look forward to visiting regularly.

  2. Beth Overmyer

    Hey! I wanted to pop by and tell you that you’re the winner of the Time Warp Contest on my blog. You have your choice of any one of the three prizes, but since you’re in Ireland, and I’m in the USA, I can’t ship the stress ball or the mints to you.

    Please claim your prize by April 1, 2011 (at which time, the prizes will be divided between my friends and family.) Email me at bethovermyer[at]gmail[dot]com


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