Guest Posts

Wordfoolery is open to guest posts but please follow the guidelines before contacting me to suggest your post.

  1. I don’t get paid for my posts on Wordfoolery, so sadly neither do guest posters. This blog is a labour of love. However I am happy to include a short bio (max 250 words) at the end of your post which can include links to your own blog, published works etc. When the guest post goes live I will promote it across twitter, facebook, bloglovin, mix, and pinterest.
  2. Guest posts must relate to unusual English words. You don’t have to dig into the etymology (unless you want to, of course) but this blog is about the English language. If, for example, you’re promoting a new crime novel then a piece about unusual forensics words would fit, or a Tudor histfic then tell me about the Elizabethan swear words you found during your research. Tell me about your passion for word history. Review a wordy book (or dictionary?). Share a rant about US vs UK spelling conventions. So long as it’s word related, I’m willing to consider your guest post.
  3. Max length for a post is 1,000 words. Min is 300 words.
  4. If you’re not sure your post would fit here, contact me anyhow. The worst I can say is “no, thank you”.
  5. I am particularly open to guest post swaps, so if you run a blog yourself let me know. Perhaps we can help each other find new readers.

Thanks for considering Wordfoolery. I look forward to hearing from you.

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