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Have you ever scurryfunged?


I found this week’s word, scurryfunge, thanks to the Qi Elves and there’s some debate about it being a real word but after a long look at the arguments on StackExchange, I’ve decided it is probably a word and if not, it should be.

To work then, what does scurryfunge mean? Most agree it describes the frantic dash to tidy up before your guests arrive and it has roots in either Old or Middle English. I have scurryfunged many times in my life. I mean, that’s why we have cupboards, right? To shove stuff into before opening the front door?

Ready to scurryfunge

There is a fun alternate meaning too. It was used in the 1800s as meaning “to scour for marine curiosities”. As someone who loves coastal oddities, wordy and physical, I’ve scurryfunged that way too.

Scurry is a well-known verb to indicate rushing, particularly of the mouse variety. Funge is a bit trickier to track down but the best guesses relate to changing something, in this case from being messy to being superficially tidy and ordered.

I should also note scurrifunge is an acceptable alternate spelling and apparently scurryfunge is still a dialect word in use in the Newfoundland region – can anybody confirm that, please? Sadly in mainstream English scurryfunge has fallen out of use and yet, the act it describes hasn’t, so I think it’s due a revival.

Until next time happy reading, writing, wordfooling, and scurryfunging,

Grace (@Wordfoolery)