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These week’s word, oniochalasia, has been inspired by a prolonged shopping trip last Saturday. My daughter needed an outfit for a special occasion and she thoroughly enjoyed the experience of trying on and purchasing her new clothes. I hope I haven’t given her oniochalasia, it’s an expensive habit.

Book store oniochalasia

So what is it? Oniochalasia is the purchasing of objects as a form of mental relaxation, in other words, retail therapy. If you enjoy shopping, and the buzz of a good bargain, you may suffer from this. Alternatively your credit card may suffer from the aftermath.

Sadly I wasn’t able to source a sound file for the pronunciation of this word but one video gave it as “on-chill-a-laze-e-a”. Oniochalasia appears to be a recently invented word coined from Greek sources – onio is the Greek for sell or sale while chalasia is the relaxing of a ring of muscle. Combine the two and you get relaxation because of purchases.

My daughter was definitely relaxed after our trip to the dress shops, unfortunately my tired feet and credit card are still recovering. I can vouch for book-shopping as being my oniochalasia method of choice. I had the pleasure of spending a large stack of book vouchers recently and it had a relaxing effect, until I tried to add them to my already large To Be Read pile and everything fell over.

Until next time happy reading, writing, and wordfooling,

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