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This week’s word is guff, purely because I enjoy saying it. Plus it’s handy for rhyming with stuff, puff, and tough enough.

Foolish talk

Guff, in case you don’t know, is nonsense talk or empty foolish words. If you’re accused of “talking guff” your audience doesn’t think much of the topic of your conversation. Such an audience would be proud of “not taking any guff“.

I hadn’t realised guff had a secondary meaning, in Scotland, of an unpleasant smell. That meaning leads to the roots of the word.

Guff entered English in the early 1800s as a reference to a puff or whiff of a bad smell. So guff was being compared to a windy noxious aroma. It gives a new nuance to blowing hot air or talking out of one’s behind.

Until next time happy reading, writing, and wordfooling,

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