Work In Progress Challenge


This week, instead of an unusual word, I’ll be talking about my current work-in-progress “Julia and the Free Wedding”. You can blame my Rome-dwelling critique friend – Kimberly who tagged me in the 777 Work In Progress Challenge.

The idea is that I open page seven of my work-in-progress, scroll down to line seven and share the next seven lines. Please bear in mind that this is only draft level writing!

“Julia and the Free Wedding” (started in NaNoWriMo 2013) is the story of Julia, who wins a free wedding having just dumped her fiance. She’s a struggling fabric artist who runs an evening class for women adding a home-made touch to their weddings. She meets Jack there and assumes he’s gay because he’s crafting a wedding for his sister Sam and is an interior designer. However he’s actually a straight movie-designer and is only attending the class to pick up tips for his next blockbuster. As the lies mount up, their attraction grows.

Each chapter starts with a wedding tradition explained. I like to do non-fiction headers in my novels.

In this scene from chapter two, Julia is talking over her fiance’s reaction to her dumping him at a wedding fair.

“Don’t pretend to be blue, Julia. I heard the relief in your voice when you phoned me. Your main reaction was annoyance that you couldn’t take the train home.” Lisa dunked a cookie into her hot chocolate and took a bite.

“Well I couldn’t exactly dump Derek and then share a carriage with him. It would have been really awkward. I had no choice but to walk home.”

“You said he took it alright though.”

She thought back. He hadn’t seemed upset or even surprised when she explained that they were too different to make a good couple. His only comment was that he’d have to ring his mother and tell her.

“Yeah, he did. Insultingly so in fact. I’m a catch. He should have been at least a little upset. Right?”

OK readers, feel free to comment on the extract or novel pitch.

Kimberly wrote about her current work-in-progress which I’ve been lucky enough to read a little of in draft and it’s a great story. Thanks for the tag, Kimberly.

The seven bloggers I nominate for this challenge are AnneMarie, Nikki, Maria Matthews, Maria Hughes, CarolAnn, Lisa Red and Jay Dee from Carousel Creates, NaNoWriMo Ireland and Critique Circle contacts. Just found the blog for another crit partner – Lindy – you’re tagged too, girl! Have fun!

Until next week happy reading, writing, and wordfooling,


2 thoughts on “Work In Progress Challenge

  1. kimberlysullivan

    Yay, Grace, I’m so glad you took the challenge. And I loved the early draft of this story when I read it.Great news that you are working on it now, since I look forward to reading it in print.

  2. wordfoolery Post author

    I was drafting the ending today in fact – only two more chapters to go and then I can get stuck into the edits.


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