Tonguepad – a great talker


This week’s word is tonguepad and it comes from Dr. Johnson’s dictionary which was published in 1755 and I’ve always liked it. I mean, we had footpads (Dickensian muggers), so why not tonguepads?

A tonguepad is a great or glib talker and is a dialect noun mainly used in British English.

I spent my Saturday at training for Adult Scouters (a.k.a. leaders) which meant I had to listen rather than talk and it included advice on getting six-year-old tonguepads to stop chatting nonstop so they can learn how to play a game or put up a tent. I hope some of it works as I usually come home exhausted and hoarse from Beaver Scout meetings. But I also come home buzzing with ideas and enthusiasm because spending an hour with that age group is like being plugged into the electricity supply. They teach me new words too – perhaps I’ll write a Junior Wordfoolery post soon.


On Sunday I was lucky enough to meet up with two old friends (one I’ve known since I was four) and it reminded me how much I enjoy their conversation. It’s varied, intelligent, funny, informative, engaging, and honest. After 37 years of talking together, we’re still a bunch of tonguepads and I hope that never stops.

Until next time happy talking, reading, writing, and wordfooling,


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