The meaning of Imparlibidinous


This week’s word is imparlibidinous (pronounce it im-par-leh-bid-i-nus) and it describes a sexual relationship where one partner wants more activity between the sheets than the other does – a case of unequal desire.

I usually note down the sources of my words as I find them but this one escaped my notes. I can’t find an origin for it in my own dictionary or online which makes me think that it may be a relatively recent coinage. Does anybody out there know more about this word?

Two quick pieces of news for writers before I finish;

1. Hughes and Hughes Bookshop in Pavillions, Swords (Dublin, Ireland) is holding a writers’ workshop in their store on 13th of March 6.30-8.30 p.m. with thriller author Sean Boylan. Places allocated on first come, first served basis. Contact Anthony at the store.

2. Novelicious (great site name!) now has a contest column for writing opportunities by Cesca Major, mainly UK-based items. Worth checking out.

Until next time happy reading, writing and wordfooling,


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