Are you a finagler?


This week’s word is finagler (pronunced finn-ague-gull-er) and it means, according to Collins, one who achieves their goals via craftiness or trickery.

I can’t recall where I noticed this word, but I like the sound of it in speech and I bet we all know someone who can be described in such terms. Just check out the financial or court pages of your newspaper. Perhaps it’s time it got dusted off and used more often.

Checking it on Merriam Webster I found that the English language is full of terms for such characters so even if you’re not keen on finagler, you can choose from this list;

  • bilker
  • blackleg
  • cardsharp or cardsharper (I always thought it was cardshark!)
  • charlatan
  • cheat
  • chiseler/chiseller (this is also slang for a child in Dublin)
  • confidence man/con man
  • cozener
  • defrauder
  • dodger (hence the Artful Dodger and presumably the slang word dodgey)
  • fake
  • fakir
  • fraudster
  • hoaxer
  • knave
  • mountebank (medical fraudster – I always imagine these with elaborate moustaches for some reason)
  • phony
  • plotter
  • prankster
  • quack or quacksalver (relating to medical fraud)
  • rascal
  • rogue
  • ringer
  • scammer
  • scamster
  • schemer
  • shark
  • sharp
  • sharpie
  • skinner
  • slick, slicker, slickster
  • sly-boots
  • sneak
  • swindler
  • tricker
  • wheeler-dealer

However, sometimes the use of craftiness can be useful so I shall remain a word-finagler.

Until next time, happy reading, writing, and wordfooling,


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