First to my unusual word of the week and later to my news.

Pettifogging is defined at ThinkExist as paltry, quibbling, mean. Now quibbling is a favourite verb of mine, but I don’t think a pettifogging detail or indeed a pettifogger is a quibbler. So I checked my paper dictionary (Collins) and they say a pettifogger is a low-class lawyer or one given to mean dealing in small matters. Hmmm, doesn’t sound like the sort of person I would wish to befriend. Whereas I have no issue with a quibbler – someone who makes a trivial objection.

So you may quibble over an answer in Trivial Pursuit ™ or the spelling of a word in Scrabble ™, but if you’re a pettifogger you do it with ill-will. Which is an interesting distinction, I think.

Now, onto my writing news.

Last week I hosted my first ever online writing workshop (on the topic of using computer files to aid your writing life with tracking submissions, targeting niches, planning and executing your book plan etc). This week I’ve sold an article (on persevering in the face of rejection in writing) to Hope Clark at FundsForWriters, completely revamped my business cards and promotional postcards (see image used below) and made a slew of submissions. There is something about September (and the return of my family to montessori, school, and university) which is invigorating. I wonder if I lived in the southern hemisphere would this happen in April instead?

sunflower bud

sunflower bud (copyright Grace Tierney)

wherever you are, be happy writing, reading, and word fooling,


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